Japan 'NH' (hobby)
(Address) Shizuoka,Japan
(E-mail) saito2001@aa.aeonnet.ne.jp
My daughter look for the page of Mizuhiki to me.
I wanted to use closer the beauty of one Mizuhiki, and attached to cloth.
It is wasteful only at a decoration...I want to feel more closer a Mizuhiki ! My heart is softened only by mizubiki being attached to the bag which it has every day. I also like Japanese cloth. If it gives to my daughter, will use being very glad.

Item1: Pouch(kinchaku)
Kinchaku and Bag
Item2: Kinchaku and bag (used Japanese cloth)
Item3: Bags (used Japanese cloth)
"My favorite Mizuhiki-sou was created and attached with Mizuhiki." says Mrs. NH. "Continuous orange and green Awahu-musubi were made into two sequences, and were attached perpendicularly. M daughter was also pleased very much. When a young person had Japanese clothes on, it made so that it could have freely. " says Mrs. NH. "Took in the beauty of Mizuhiki to using the remainder of Japanese cloth. And attached with Tama-musubi" says Mrs. NH.
Hair ornaments1
Item4: Hair ornaments1
Hair ornaments2
Item5: Hair ornaments2
Hair ornaments3
Item6: Hair ornaments3
"Various Tama-musubi was attached to the comb. The ornamental hairpin(Kanzashi) which imitated the shuttlecock of a Japanese battledore(Hagoita) and was made. They can be attached to hair in the time of any dresses. " says Mrs. NH.


Item7: Belts



"It made so that it might be freely attached not much heavily from a T-shirt.Awaji-musubi was connected and it sewed by the sewing machine on cloth. And it decorated with the ball at the tip. " says Mrs. NH.


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