1998 Winter Olympics and Paralympics were held in Nagano Jpan

Traditional Mizuhiki artwork samples in Iida region, were distributed, as a token of gratitude, to Olympic participants such as athletes, IOU officials and overseas press. Laurels, symbol of Mizuhiki, were also given to winning contestants of Paralympic Games.
Iida Mizuhiki appeals its traditional culture to the world and ties people together regardless of spaces and times.

Laurels handed to the first /second prize winners
Origin of Paralympic Laurels: This comes from a tradition in which an engage ring adorns with Laurels and is offered to the family of a future bride at betrothal ceremony. 

Mizuhiki handed to the players who were in the third to sixth place, IOU officials, judges and overseas press

Red and White: Basic color standing for celebration
Gold and Silver: Symbolic color for celebration
Feather: Amulet against evil, to bring a fortune
Pine: Symbol for verdure
Ume (Japanese apricot): Symbol for achievement and fullfillment
History of Mizuhiki