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The Significance of Noshi & Kinpu

- Noshi -
In Japan it is very common to wrap a formal gift with a decoratively folded Washi paper on various occasions. The Washi paper is attached normally with Mizuhiki strings. It is called Noshi. There are many styles of Noshi and it very varies according to the nature of gifts, such as wedding gift, seasonal gifts and so on. It would be advised to follow well the customs and traditions.
You would not rather send a wedding gift-wrapped with Noshi expressing condolences. For less formal occasion, a square Washi paper with printed Noshi is used.
You may find here and there at department store when buying a gift. This is called No-shi-gami. For a monetary gift, we use an envelope exclusively. It is called No-shi-bukuro.


- Kinpu (Noshi-bukuro)-
Gift exchange is a time-honored, popular tradition in Japan. It is regarded much more important than it is in the West. Among various types of gift a money gift may be unique and peculiar. A money gift indicates affection, appreciation, espect or condolence.
The amount is greater in proportion to the closeness of your relationship. It should be presented in a special envelope (Kinpu), wrapped in a correct manner.
Kinpu are called Noshi-bukuro, and these can be easily found at any stationary shop, department store, or even at Seven Eleven (Please be sure to choose the right Kinpu, depending on the nature of the gift r elated to the occasions).
Write your name on the backside of the envelope, using a Japanese brush-type pen. When you are well informed with HOW-TO offer a monetary gift you may avoid embarrassing situations in Japanese social life.

This site will explain to you what gift and when you should send it on various formal occasions in Japanese social life. It also tells you which Noshi or which Kinpu should be used.

Wedding Ceremony
Giving a Birth
Admission into a School
House Warming
Funeral Service
Visiting at the Hospital
Cerebration of one's Adulthood
Farewell gift
Feast around Shi-ju-ku-nichi
Cerebration of one's Longevity
New Year's Day

Ceremonies and Occasions Click here

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